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One of the defining characteristics of Ann Marie’s violin playing is her ability to improvise over many genres of music. 
Here are several home videos that show Ann Marie jamming with friends, and just having fun playing music.

Ann Marie and her brother jamming in her living
room while covering Phish's “Stash.” This video
features a 3 minute improvised solo.

Ann Marie jamming with Dave Stewart, Orianthi,
and Candy Dulfer.

Jamming with Widespread Panic on the 4th of July

Ann Marie’s winning audition for the "My Grammy
Moment" contest. After winning the contest, Ann Marie
played live with the Foo Fighters during the 50th
Grammy Awards broadcast.

Ann Marie Jamming with A. R. Rahman
and Dave Stewart

Ann Marie and her brother play “Ripple” by
the Grateful Dead.

Ann Marie and her brother play “Runty.” This is an
original song written by Ann Marie.

Ann Marie grew up playing both classical music
and bluegrass Music. Here she is combining the two
syles while jamming with Gary Ruley and Mule Train.