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“She is the most radiant musician!”

- Ringo Starr, The Beatles

“I have never worked with a musician who not only exudes so much warmth and goodness to a session, but also floors everyone with a musical knockout punch every single time. Ann is a melodic genius and the most effective rhythmic and improvisational player of the violin I have ever witnessed . I have used Ann in so many situations, from playing with a Supergroup (SuperHeavy) to orchestrating a James Bond song for myself and Joss Stone. Her talent is limitless, and there are infinite possibilities with her.”

- Dave Stewart, The Eurythmics

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Ann Marie Calhoun for the last four years on a variety of projects. She is a gifted violinist and arranger and her brilliant musicality is matched with a sensitive and collaborative spirit. Her inventiveness ad hoc makes a record producer’s job so much easier. In dozens of collaborations I can safely say she always brings something special to the music at hand and leaves it better than she found it! Ann is also a gifted composer, singer and songwriter. Her keen intelligence and positive nature are a gift to anyone fortunate enough to work with her. I have enormous respect for the quality of her work and for her high character. Bravo Ann Marie!”

- Glen Ballard, Grammy Award winning producer

“She can seduce anyone into an altered state of consciousness with her performance. Just dazzling!”

- Deepak Chopra

"Ann Marie is a thoroughly trained, dedicated and shining musical person. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to have her in my band. She faced some harrowing musical challenges with determination, focus, confidence and respect, and she always delivered gracefully. For a bandleader and composer there is no greater blessing. But the most captivating aspect of her playing is how her enchanting personality emanates through her fingertips and into the notes. On a personal level Ann Marie is smart, charming, funny, considerate, kind, and deeply empathetic. Her positive persona pierces any dark cloud that it comes across. It may sound as though I'm gushing and perhaps waxing on but the truth is, I'm just calling an ace an ace. Oh, and she also can throw down a mean-ass happy dance. Bursting with joy just thinking about her..."

- Steve Vai

"Ann Marie Calhoun is one of that rare breed of musicians who combines special skills in several musical styles and disciplines. With her early Classical training and award-winning excellence in American Bluegrass traditions, she brings together Folk, African and Jazz elements with maturity and poise belying her tender years. Unlike many of her fiddlin' friends from the Classical world, Ann Marie has cultivated considerable improvisational abilities but still retains her music theory and the ability to play set parts and orchestrations. She has a great ear, is quick to learn and able to add valuable touches to any composition and arrangement - no matter what style of music presents itself. Add to this that she is a swell gal! A really nice person who is thoughtful, kind, considerate and an asset to any touring or recording band."

- Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull

"Were it that Ann-Marie's playing was only graced with extraordinary beauty, intelligence, poetry and a pixyish sense of humor, I wouldn't have to work so hard at writing something suitably o.k. for her. But when she turns up the fire and rocks out with full passion, she challenges all of us to take greater risks with our music. And that's her gift to us..."

- Hans Zimmer

"It is rare to find a violinist who is able to excel in Classical, Pop and Country & Bluegrass styles simultaneously, and effortlessly shift between them all. It is even more rare to find someone who can do all that while being a dynamic and captivating live performer. In my 35 years in the music business, I've met only one, and her name is Ann Marie Calhoun."

- Michael Bradford, producer (Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Anita Baker)

“Ann Marie is the most naturally gifted musician I've ever met. She played violin on 5 tracks on the new Incubus album, 'If Not Now, When?'. During those sessions, her formidable skill and broad general knowledge of playing with live musicians made for the easiest recording experience one could imagine. She was a total pro, often reading my mind, by anticipating most of my expectations ahead of time. Ann Marie can do it all, from playing challenging classical passages with world-class virtuosity, to completely rocking out with a live drummer. Between the rock and classical worlds, there are often breakdowns in communication about musical ideas...with Ann Marie, communication is just NEVER a problem. She just gets it. Ann Marie can only be described as a musical Ninja, with Jedi powers. I will never use a violinist other than Ann Marie.

- Michael Eniziger (lead guitarist for Incubus)

"Ann Marie is one of the greatest violinists I have heard, she can incorporate her playing in any style of music and I have an awesome time working with her."

- Orianthi Panagaris

“When I first heard her play, I felt greatness inside me for the sound that she produced with her violin made harmony with my soul. She is very humble with natural dignity and great passion for music.”

- Vusi Mahlasela